Introducing Nyp gum with a drip of rum

Shove something more rebellious into your mouth. ​​

Enough rum to be fun.
Not enough to be alcoholic.

Nyp is a non-alcoholic product that’s under the regulatory limit of .5% alcohol content. Just like kombucha. Anyone can enjoy it and any store can sell it.

Sugar Free

Vegan Friendly

Gluten Free


Aspartame Free

Blow your mouth’s mind


A refreshing blast of mint, lime, and a drip of rum that fuels your rebellious side.


A refreshing mixture of cola, lime and a drip of rum that frees your soul and inspires revolutionary spirit.

No one asked for gum with rum.
We made it anyway.

During 2020’s unprecedented lockdowns, our idea was born. By mixing rum with gum, we set out to spice up an unsettling situation and fuel our rebellious side.

Got questions about Nyp?
We might have answers.

Nyp is made with enough liquor to be fascinating, but not enough to cause trouble. Nyp is under the regulatory limit of .5% alcohol content, just link kombucha. This makes Nyp a non-alcoholic product without no age restrictions for enjoying it and no liquor license required for selling it. So go ahead, chew a whole pack. You still won’t feel the effects of alcohol.

You can order Nyp online and have it delivered to anywhere in the US. Currently, Nyp Mojito and Nyp Cuba Libre are available in 3 and 9 packs.

We played around in the food lab for quite a while, only using the finest gum ingredients, to make sure that the flavor you’re chewing tastes like the name on the pack. Learn more about our flagship flavors Mojito or Cuba Libre.

Nyp is currently available in stores in New York. You can find out which ones using our Store Locator. We’re hard at work getting Nyp into more places, so check back soon for an update.

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