No one asked for gum with rum. We made it anyway.

Close your eyes and picture a time before gum with rum. The year? 2020. Out of nowhere, the world locks down. Tight. No more parties, bars, get togethers, random run-ins. People couldn’t go anywhere or do anything. Everything interesting got shoved to the back burner. Life got way more boring.

But we didn’t let all that knock us down. We got inspired to do something about it. Fueled by a world with nothing to do, we set out to create something that would spark a little rebellion inside each one of us.

Lo and behold. Nyp chewing gum with a drip of rum was born.

We didn’t make Nyp to open up a new world. It doesn’t change who you are or how people look at you. What Nyp does is provide a little twinkle in your day. It gives you a little edge, a sharp one. It inspires you to dance against the mundane and spit out the status quo. Yuck.

So, no. Nyp chewing gum isn’t a magic potion or a cure all for all that worries you. It’s better than that because it’s real. It’s a little rebel in your pocket, urging you to sprinkle some zest into whatever you’re doing. It whispers in your ear that it’s time to turn the world around you upside down. It’s a sidekick for your spirit, a companion for your curiosity, a wingman for your most ludicrous desires.

Here’s to making the routine remarkable. And adding a dash of daring to your day. Grab a Nyp and find out what modern day rebellion tastes like. Because sometimes, to start a little revolution, all you need is a Nyp of gum.