Frequently Asked Questions

Nyp is made with enough liquor to be fascinating, but not enough to cause trouble. Nyp is under the regulatory limit of .5% alcohol content, just link kombucha. This makes Nyp a non-alcoholic product without no age restrictions for enjoying it and no liquor license required for selling it. So go ahead, chew a whole pack. You still won’t feel the effects of alcohol.

You can order Nyp online and have it delivered to anywhere in the US. Currently, Nyp Mojito and Nyp Cuba Libre are available in 3 and 9 packs.

We played around in the food lab for quite a while, only using the finest gum ingredients, to make sure that the flavor you’re chewing tastes like the name on the pack. Learn more about our flagship flavors Mojito or Cuba Libre.

Nyp is currently available in stores in New York. You can find out which ones using our Store Locator. We’re hard at work getting Nyp into more places, so check back soon for an update.

Currently, Nyp is available in Mojito and Cuba Libre. But we’re hard at work on new flavors and expecting to make an announcement soon. Stay tuned…

For wholesale orders, yes, you can purchase Nyp to sell at your store and have it shipped internationally.
Look, we admit that there’s something exciting about hearing “gum with rum” that makes one’s ears perk up. And we like that. But, we wouldn’t have made Nyp if we didn’t have the highest bar in the gum world. Nyp is made with the highest quality ingredients, which means it lasts longer and it’s full of flavor. Of course, we’d prefer you don’t take our word for it. We can’t wait for you to try it for yourself.
Please check with your doctor if you have questions or concerns about chewing Nyp gum with a drip of rum.
No. Just gum and rum.

Nyp was developed during the pandemic when the world slowed down and got way more boring. We decided that when everything opened back up, people would need a little inspiration to start acting more rebellious. Learn more about our story here.

We’re gum makers, not mind readers. If you haven’t found the answer you’re looking for, shoot us an email at . We’re here to help. And have fun. Not necessarily in that order.